Is Distance Learning Reshaping Education?

Distance LearningDistance learning has already emerged as a close substitute for traditional on-campus education, and been appeared as an effective way to educate all sections in a society. The delivery processes of distance education is, although, quite different than that in the traditional classroom teaching, in it are synchronised different technological measures and media (computer-based communication system, internet, mobile phones, audio, video print etc) to give it a shape of a learning system that fits perfect as a teaching and learning method in the age of information super-highway and technological boon.

Much is there for Developing Countries


Developing countries, in fact, should exploit how far they can use distance and open learning system (ODL), because costly conventional education is not the one people of these countries can avail easily. Open distance learning does not involve any particular environmental and geographical settings, and on-site space, which means, it can be quite a cost-effective way of mass education.

Technology is Crucial


In the last few decades open distance learning has experienced a tremendous growth due to its cost-friendly and flexible design. In this process learners are free to study at their own convenience and pace whilst being away from the institution. But, to make the process successfully going there must be selection and employment of appropriate technologies. It is in fact crucial for open distance learning system. But, again affordability and infrastructure for this updated technology is not always easy in developing countries. So, what they can do is to take advantage of world class open distance learning programmes developed by pioneering countries, designed by the most prestigious universities.

Pioneers in Distance Learning


In recent years several revolutionary designs on open distance learning have been successfully launched in the UK and the US. In the UK alone a number of top-rank universities have developed their own open distance learning programmes. These programmes are undoubtedly peerless, and above the level of controversy that goes generally with distance education programmes. From curriculum development, production of study materials to delivery and assessment, UK-based distance learning programmes are too good to compare.

Move towards a Career-centric Learning


Through a simple internet connection any student anywhere in the world can continue his formal education and hope to get a successful future ahead, by enrolling in his favourite course offered by these excellent universities. Every one of these courses comes with fantastic flexibilities to provide the students the chance of involving in relevant experience-enriching jobs. Career-centric education today focuses more on experience generation, which is comfortably befitting with these programmes. The affluence of latest technology incorporated in UK-based distance learning courses also let the learners always stay connected with learning process.

A distance learning degree in UK means excellent university education from the world masters and innovative classrooms accessible from anywhere. With virtual learning environment UK universities transform the students into active audiences who take part in the online discussions with their fellow students worldwide, with their tutor regarding their difficulties, and gains practical experience with chosen experts from industry.

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